Strategic Land & Development

Our team are constantly seeking development opportunities in good residential areas in the South East, particularly Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. We are happy to consider smaller sites starting from half an acre with the potential for three units as well as larger sites, suitable for a full range of house types. Small or large, we ensure the design, build and finish of each development is of the highest quality and that the scheme complements and enhances its location.

Unlock the value of your land

Based in West Sussex, we have a successful track record in identifying and assessing strategic and development opportunities. We have over 30 years of experience in securing sites and preparing planning applications for our own land and on behalf of other landowners across the South-East.

We are always looking to identify high quality sites, acquiring land by way of promotion agreement or outright purchase for landowners wishing to dispose of land quickly. We can tailor agreements in a bespoke manner to meet the individual requirements of each landowner and site to ensure we maximise the value that can be obtained for your land.

We are currently promoting a number of greenfield and brownfield opportunities and have a proven record of delivery.

Working together in partnership, we have the same aim: to maximise the full value & development potential of your land.

As strategic land promotion specialists, we work collaboratively with our hand-picked team of skilled and experienced consultants along with key stakeholders in the development process, public sector, other leading companies and property managers in the industry. We use our expert knowledge to develop masterplans that are tailored to the characteristics of the site’s context, are robust and deliverable and provide community and environmental benefits. We then promote, navigate, manage and progress your site through the whole planning process with the aim of securing the best possible consent at the local level or appeal.  We provide mutually beneficial outcomes and exciting schemes.

We pride ourselves on establishing the right planning promotion strategy through our vast experience and expertise in both the planning profession and development industry.

Our in-depth knowledge and experience of planning and physical development enables a diverse range of sites to be brought forward from conception through to delivery.  This means landowners can partner with us having the confidence that MJH will optimise their chances of maximising the development potential of the site and subsequent value.

Through a detailed understanding of a local authority’s varying aspirations and plan-making process we are able to identify sites suitable for development and put together proposals which maximise the prospects of successfully obtaining a deliverable planning permission that is attractive to the market.

We have a holistic, responsible and long-term view of planning and development, by committing to the creation of truly sustainable mixed-use sites that provide much needed jobs as well as homes.

If you have land to sell, with or without planning permission or if you have a large garden that may be suitable for development then please contact us on 01903 871710 or